You’ve seen our list of 10 countries to visit without a visa as a South African and now it’s time for some practical tips to truly enjoy your traveling experience.

From when you’re going out and about to just truly enjoying the time away from the hustle and bustle of life, these tips are a sure way to make the most of your holiday. Sourced from seasoned travel bloggers who know a thing or two about taking time off in a different place, we hope these are just as insightful to you as they were to us.

Wake up early

Yes, holidays are about relaxation but it doesn’t mean sleeping in until 11am and missing out on all the fun. Waking up early will not only put you in a good mood but be the reason you never miss a moment (or breakfast).

Waking up early ensures an extra hour or two in your day for fun. We know the thought of sleeping in is appealing but you could do that back home in you own bed, not thousands of kilometres away in a hotel.

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Extra cash

Cash is a universal language from South Africa to Canada to Hong Kong. Having extra cash on hand is useful in the event of paying extra entrance fees or purchasing items from a market where a credit card facility is not available.

In addition, extra cash on hand comes in useful for unplanned experiences or extra travel costs. No one wants to end the fun just because you can’t use your credit card, right?

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Make a list

If you’re not going in a tour group, that doesn’t mean you should go around blindly all of the time. Make a list of places and sights to see, you’ll thank yourself later when you remember to not miss that incredible sunset boat ride.

Creating an action plan when on holiday is probably the ultimate of tips unless an unplanned experience is what you’re seeking. Take a look online at other people’s experiences to have an idea what you’d like to see and do.

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These three tips may seem simple but will ensure you have the best time during your next holiday! Don’t forget to take a look at our top ten destinations to travel to as a South African without a visa.