Another month, another beauty trend. It seems that each month we’re raving on about a new trend we have to try, but this month I feel a little different about the latest beauty craze.

Microblading is allowing everyone to have great looking brows at a surprising fraction of the cost you’d think.

What is microblading, you ask. It’s a manual method of placing ink to a layer of skin within your eyebrow area. This is known as a semi-permanent tattoo that can last either a few months or a minimum of a year, dependent on the upkeep. At an average cost of R1000, Microblading has become the current must-try trend to make certain your eyebrows always look perfect.

Wanting to toss your eyebrow pencil for good? Microblading is an option to consider. A small blade is used to deposit the ink to the skin and give an appearance of life-like hair strokes. soon you’ll be more confident to give your best side-eye. Brows help to accentuate and frame the face, but the importance behind them can easily be misplaced by them being some of the smallest areas you’d think would need attention.

With something so ‘permanent’ being done to a visible part of your face, it’s crucial to find the right person to trust to give you the bolder brows look. With that said, make certain to take a look at people around you who have tried the procedure or your favourite celebrity you may share facial quality with. Not all faces can rock the bushier brows. With such a procedure, it’s always ideal to make sure you’re happy with the end-result. Unlike a simple brow pencil, you can’t just wash off the results.

Semi-permanent makeup is the current trend we’re all loving. Whilst some options may be more out there, others – such as eyebrow embroidery – seem like the best option to cut out the hassle and effort in daily routines.

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