Starting a diet or a healthy eating plan is easier said than done and often last for a few weeks before we go back to our old and unhealthy eating habits. Taking a look at our nutrition and physical activities that we do daily is key to getting healthy and staying on this new journey.

To start off your journey it is important to look at your nutrition and exercise as  non-negotiable lifestyle habits.

Here are some tips to help you along on your health journey.

1.Make your food and exercise a priority.

Planning your meals in advance is important so that you will not be tempted to cheat.Make sure that you exercise and if you cannot go to a gym walking or skipping can be a great alternative. There are many videos online that will help you do effective exercise routines at home.

2.Eat more vegetables.

It is very important to include vegetable in your meals and this is non-negotiable. Start off with the vegetables you do like and you can also add greens to your smoothies which is a great way to hide the taste if you are not a fan of some greens.

3.Eat nuts each day.

Nuts are packed with nutritional benefits and are great to carry around as a snack . Try adding dried fruit or seed to the nuts to add variety to your snacks

4.Eat food you love.

It is important to find food that you love that fits in with your eating plan as this is key to staying the course. Life is too short to eat bad and boring food.

5.Drink lots of water.

Water is very important for our bodies to function optimally and drinking no less than eight glasses a day should be part of your daily routine.

6.Promote health and fitness to your family.

Healthy food is nutritious and we can lead by example so that our kids can make healthy food choices. It is also cost effective as you do not need to prepare two different meals at meal times.

7. Do not skip breakfast.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and will fuel your body for the day ahead. We often do not have time to make a big breakfast but we can have nutritional options like oats or healthy smoothies that will give us the energy we need to start the day.